About us

SondaSys is the result of over 3 years of R&D work. The device has been designed and constructed by a team of experts with over 10 years of experience in the 3D printing, Design and CAD/CAM engineering industries. Sondasys 01 is a comprehensive system for rapid prototyping with polyamide powders. The device has been designed to optimize production process and lower costs up to 70%. Thanks to the implementation of the most advanced digital optical system, the machine is able to operate work chamber of various sizes.

Opened printing parameters allow to choose any working material, available on the global market.

Intuitive control software has been designed in such a way to eliminate up to 95% of the most common mistakes, done by the industrial machines users. The software guides You step by step through the process of cleaning and preparing Your machine.

Thanks to many kinds of interfaces, the machine communicates with the user through a dedicated interface, wifi network, Bluetooth module and mobile application for smartphones and tablets. The device meets the objectives of industry 4.0 program.

Dedicated model cleaning station allows for easier post-processing of models. The enclosed cleaning environment also provides better ergonomics for cooling printed models, better room cleanliness and user safety.



Made in Poland

All systems assembled in EU Poland



Low cost components, open parameters.


Long lasting elements

Possibility of developing complex structures with up to 0.1 mm layer thickness.


Focused laser

The most complex galvo system and high precission CO2 laser.



2 exchangeable working chambers included.


Time saving

Short series production in just few hours.