SondaSys LA600

Sonda SYS. LA600 PRO

Stereolithography is one of the additive manufacturing technologies, consisting in hardening of specialized resins using a UV laser beam. The laser dot harden the outside edges of the detail and then fill them, creating a spatial model layer by layer in this way. A characteristic feature of the parts made in this technology are extremely smooth surfaces of models. 3D resin printers also allow you to make details with high precision of small details (precision reaches up to 0.05 mm).

Technical specification:

Building chamberDimensions600x600x300 mm (standard)
  600x600x350/400 mm (custom)
 Resin heating systemHot air
 Available materialsZR680, ZR710, ZR820, RealABS, RedWood
 Operating systemWindows 10
Physical propertiesDimensions1600 x 1300 x 1900 mm
 Weight~1000 kg
 Working temperature20-26 ºC
 Power supply200~240 VAC,
  50/60 Hz
  1 phase, 5/10 A
OpticsLaser type:Nd:YVO4
 Laser beam diameter (1/e2)0.1~0.5 mm
 Wavelenght354,7 nm
 Power1000 mW/3000 mW
 Detail scanning speed6.0 m/s
 Scanning speed10.0 m/s
 Model building speed50~180 g/h
TolerancesPositioning repeatability+/- 0,01 mm
 Layer thicknessStandard: 0,1 mm
  Fast: 0,1-0,15 mm
  Precise: 0,05-0,1 mm
OtherConnectionEthernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802.3
 SoftwareSondasys SLA660
 File formatCLI, SLC, STL
WarrantyLaser12 months or 10 000 h
 Machine12 months