SondaSys M150

Sonda SYS. M150

SLM (selective laser melting) – is a 3D printing technology that uses metal powders as a working material. The metal powder is melted with a laser beam to give it a shape. The three-dimensional model is created by melting (sintering) successive layers of the model one by one. The whole process takes place in a special protective atmosphere for working space safety. Thanks to this, in the chamber, where the metal is sintered, it does not react with the oxygen.

Selective sintering of metal models saves time when producing short series or prototype models. Elements that would have been created for weeks by traditional methods can be completed in just hours or days.

Technical specification:

Building chamberDimensions150 x 150 x 200 mm
 Available materialsMetal powders: steel/titanium/aluminium/Cobalt/Chromium etc.
 Operating systemWindows 10
Physical propertiesDimensions1420x930x1900 mm
 Weight~1000 kg
 Working temperature20-26 ºC
 Power supply200~240 VAC
  50/60 Hz
  1 phase, 15 A
 Laser beam diameter (1/e2)0.03-0.15 mm
 Scanning speed1-10 m/s
TolerancesLayer thickness0,02-0,05 / 0,05 / 0,05-0,1 /   mm
 Working speed2~15 cm3/h
 Protective atmosphereN2/Ar
OtherConnectionEthernet, TCP/IP, IEEE802,3
 SoftwareSonda SYS. RP
 3D files formatSTL
WarrantyLaser12 months or 10 000 h
 Machine12 months