SondaSys SL01

Sondasys sl 01

One of the key factors that inhibits the dynamic development of the industry growth is the time for research and testing new products. Thanks to the use of industrial 3D printing systems the verification and functional tests of all elements can be carried out at the early stage of their design. It is essential that the device enables the rapid production of components using proven and commercially available materials.

Sondasys 01 is the first Polish industrial additive manufacturing machine, using SLS technology using polyamide powders. With open and editable print parameters, it is designed to work with all manufacturer’s materials. Consumers can choose materials freely according to their current needs.

Models are produced using PA11 and PA12 powders. Models are built using laser with high precision and quality.

Technical specification:

Working chamberDimensions250x250x300 mm
  350x350x600 mm exchangeable
 Material heating systemInfrared heaters 
 Available materialsPolyamide powders (PA12)
 Operating systemWindows 7
Physical propertiesDimensions1900 x 1800 x 1800 mm
 Weight~1500 kg
 Working temperature20-26 ºC
 Power supply3/N/PE/ 400V AC
  50 Hz
  8 kW, 3×32 A
 Laser diameter (1/e2)0,5 mm
 Power60-100 W
 Scanning speedup to 12 m/s
Tolerances and dimensionsLayer thickness0,1 / 0,12 / 0,15 / 0,18 mm
 Minimum wall thinckness0,5 – 1,0 mm
 Tolerances+/- 0,3% with minimum of +/-0,3 mm
OtherConnectionsEthernet, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
 SoftwareSondaSys RP
 FIle formatsSTL
WarrantyLaser12 months or 5000 working hours
 Machine12 months