We create, design and produce professional additive manufacturing devices. We specialize in Selective Laser Sintering systems adapted to he industrial quality and requirements.

Our Selective Laser Sintering system – model SL – is the result of over three years of R&D works.

SondaSYS systems were designed by the team of engineers and specialists with over 15 years of experience in 3D printing and rapid prototyping areas.

SondaSYS SL02 was made as to the result and synthesis of best market SLS solutions. It fills the biggest market lacks and omissions, that had devices already available on the market.

“There is no such 3D printing technology ideal for every user and matter. There is also no perfect 3D printer, that will be able to accomplish every work or task. But there are such, that give you wider options and higher savings than others – We can guarantee that our SLS is one of them.

We made it with a thought about companies like ours – when spending money for new devices, innovations and equipment and also investment on innovations want to be sure that the purchase will bring profits on investment at the highest possible level. We provide machines with the best price-quality ratio.

Let’s talk about profits!”

Maciej Patrzałek and Wojciech Gaweł
co-founders & managing partners