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Meet our Founders

Sonda SYS. SLS_ building chamber sizes (6)

Wojciech Gaweł and Maciej Patrzałek are co-founders, co-owners and managing partners in Sonda SYS company. They are both well-known in polish 3D printing industry. They have started operating in this field as one of the very first in Poland.

During almost 15 years they have built one of the biggest rapid prototyping servicing company in Poland. Solveere is official reseller of few international producers of 3DP devices. But the most important area of Solveere activity is short series production and functional prototypes making – especially for automotive and OEMs.


Maciej Patrzałek was chosen The Man of the Polish 3DP Industry in 2018, in 2017 he had taken 2nd place in this ranking.

In Sonda SYS Maciej, as CEO, oversees company financials, business development and busines management. Wojciech, as CTO, manages all R&D projects, devices construction and assembly and all technical and technological tasks and topics.

Privately they are close friends for over 25 years.