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Meet version 02 of our blockbuster – industrial SLS 3D printer.

Sonda SYS. SLS_ building chamber sizes (5)

Our SLS system is the only 3DP device on the global market working in this technology which building chamber has the option of changing its size/dimensions. Two years after the premiere of the Sonda SYS. SLS 3D printer, we had introduced its updated version.  All the changes we’ve made to the device are the result of subsequent tests of the Sonda SYS.  R&D department and feedback from our users.

The most important changes have occurred in the area of the convertible dimensions of the building chamber. In the SL02 model, the smaller dimension that user can work on is 256 x 265 x 310 mm, the larger is 365 x 356 x 610. Translating this into the net dimensions of the chamber, the maximum model that will accommodate the SL02 building chamber is 360 x 360 x 600 mm.

Another important improvement is the even greater reduction of thermal losses due to the replacement of the printer’s structural elements and using specialized materials.

Our SLS is  2 in 1 device – it is one SLS 3D printer provided with building chamber of changeable size. So finally you can have one SLS 3D printer but with both smaller and bigger building chamber size  and use them depending of current projects and needs – says CEO & managing partner, Maciej Patrzałek.

In my opinion, the development of our industry will consist in improving the devices – to make it more and more better quality and make them work even more efficiently – says Wojciech Gaweł,  CTO  managing partner at SONDA SYS. From the very beginning we have been using in our SLS 3DP components, that are  in the highest market quality. So we won’t change or improve them, because they are simply best of the best.  Here I am talking about digital galvo – 3-Axis Skan Heads Lighting – made by Cambridge Technology.

On the other hand the components of the cover or the control panel are those parts that will evolve over time, along with the development of technology or changes in trends in the area of design – adds Wojciech Gaweł.

So what else new in SLS from SONDA SYS.?


    It is still water-cooled Synrad, while the SL02 model is equipped with power variants from 60W to even 100W.


In the SL 02 model it will take place using a touch screen monitor and a metal keyboard IP65.

  • 230V INPUT

    Additional one added in the machine – to the IP20 originally installed for the service technician in the electronics chamber, now on the back of the machine is added IP55 – to power the chiller, so it’s also ease connecting the machine to power.


    The use of a monitor flushed with the cover shortens the machine depth by over 30 cm and the height by 10 cm (currently the external dimensions of the device are 1985 mm x 1515 mm x 2160 mm).


    In the 02 model they are made of aluminum (version 01 had steel containers). As a result, they are lighter, and also better deliver and remove heat.



    SLS from SONDA SYS. it still has two heaters, but in the new SL02 model the heating will be even more efficient, thanks to the option of configuring the power of the heaters: 1000w/per one, 1500W / per one, 2000W / per one


    Two infrared illuminators installed in the device gained the ability to regulation of the reflector’s power: 1000w /per one, 1500W/per one and 2000W /per one.

Model SL 02 has also an automatic gas valve for the building chamber. We also guarantees to our users reduction of thermal losses, greater tightness of the machine and more efficient thermal ventilation of the container chamber. We have also improved the operation of the powder feeding system (both scraper and feeder) and used high-density screen insulation.


We are not an international corporation and that is why we are fully aware that our chance to compete with global brands is quality – of our devices and prints that user will get. That is why we constantly check, test and improve. Our SLS in the first version was (in our conviction) a device of very high quality, relentless to leaders in nothing else, except awareness and brand recognition – comments Maciej Patrzałek. We have never saved on components, we have tested a lot and we are constantly improving our products. That is why it took us almost 3 years before SL 01 debuted on the market at the end of 2017 – adds Patrzałek.

So since 2017 we’ve spent next two years on subsequent tests and development. Our industrial SLS 3D printer is now even better, more accurate and more efficient. We’re just sure of that. Will there be model SL03? I do not exclude, but I do not assume. It all depends on the information from the users and the market. If customer suggestions can change something for better, we will definitely bend over it – adds Wojciech Gaweł.