Sonda SYS. SLS 3D printer is the result of over 3 years of R&D work. 

Because of using in our SLS 3D printer the most advanced digital optical system from Cambridge Technology our machines are able to operate and work in various sizes of build volume..

One of the key factors that inhibit the dynamic development of the industry growth is the time for research and testing new products. Thanks to the use of industrial 3D printing systems the verification and functional tests of all elements can be carried out at the early stage of their design. It is essential that the device enables the rapid production of components using proven and commercially available materials.

Sonda SYS. SL02 is the industrial additive manufacturing device, using SLS technology (polyamide/plastic powders) made from the beginning to the end in Poland by a team of engineers and market experts with over 15-year experience in the 3D printing industry and CAD/CAM services.

Thanks to unique optical solutions SondaSYS SL02 is the only SLS 3D printer in the global market with the option of changing build volume dimensions to use smaller or larger build space depending on current manufacturing needs. That also gives significant savings in powder materials, time, power, and work-costs.

With open and editable print parameters, it is designed to work with all manufacturer’s materials. Consumers can choose materials freely according to their current needs.
SLo2 model is also equipped in the most advanced optical system from Cambridge Technology. That ensures the highest model quality and significant reduction of work-time.
Models are produced using PA11 and PA12 powders. For the special request we are able to customize SL model to use high-temperature materials, like PA6.